Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves


“Milady, a woman of your beauty has no need for such… decorations.” Robin Hood smiled as he took her jewelry.

This movie is one of the best adaptations of the Robin Hood story thus far, I know Kevin Costner is not the best Robin Hood, but Alan Rickman played the best Sheriff of Nottingham.

I have not seen the new Robin Hood movie with Russel Crowe, but I don’t know if I want to. I have read a book series called The King Raven trilogy by Stephen Lawhead. Hood starts us off and it makes us actually care about the characters and gives us real backgrounds for the time period its actually set in.

This movie isn’t it. The score by Michael Kaeman is fantastic, it erupts in glorious action cues and gives real emotion for cues with Maid Marion and feeling for other characters.

I have to say that this movie, however flawed is very well made.

The film was directed by Kevin Reynolds and it stars several really good actors.

Here is the plot synopsis…Nobleman crusader Robin of Locksley (Kevin Costner) breaks out of a Jerusalem prison with the help of Moorish fellow prisoner Azeem (Morgan Freeman) and travels back home to England. But upon arrival he discovers his dead father in the ruins of his family estate, killed by the vicious sheriff of Nottingham (Alan Rickman). Robin and Azeem join forces with outlaws Little John (Nick Brimble) and Will Scarlett (Christian Slater) to save the kingdom from the sheriff’s villainy.  

I believe one of the best actors in the film is Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio who takes it away as Maid Marion!

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Maid Marian




Finally Abduction and the Final Battle


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Beauty and The Beast


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“Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle. Although he had everything his heart desired, the prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind. But then, one winter’s night, an old beggar woman came to the castle and offered him a single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold. Repulsed by her haggard appearance, the prince sneered at the gift and turned the old woman away. But she warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within. And when he dismissed her again, the old woman’s ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress. The prince tried to apologize, but it was too late, for she had seen that there was no love in his heart. And as punishment, she transformed him into a hideous beast and placed a powerful spell on the castle and all who lived there. Ashamed of his monstrous form, the beast concealed himself inside his castle, with a magic mirror as his only window to the outside world. The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose, which would bloom until his 21st year. If he could learn to love another, and earn her love in return by the time the last petal fell, then the spell would be broken. If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time. As the years passed, he fell into despair and lost all hope. For who could ever learn to love a beast?” the narrator related.

This movie is beautiful beyond belief, the animation style, the music and the blend with computer and animation put this movie at the top of my list for animated features.

The music was composed by Alan Menken and the Lyrics to the songs were done by Howard Ashman. These two collaborated with each other on four of the Disney films for its second golden age of animation!

Here of course is the basic plot…An arrogant young prince (Robby Benson) and his castle’s servants fall under the spell of a wicked enchantress, who turns him into the hideous Beast until he learns to love and be loved in return. The spirited, headstrong village girl Belle (Paige O’Hara) enters the Beast’s castle after he imprisons her father Maurice (Rex Everhart). With the help of his enchanted servants, including the matronly Mrs. Potts (Angela Lansbury), Belle begins to draw the cold-hearted Beast out of his isolation.

We get to see this as a live action film this next spring when Emma Watson gets to play the lead role as Belle. I think it will be fantastic!

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Beauty and the Beast




Be Our Guest!


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Terminator 2: Judgement Day


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“Come with me if you want to live!” The Terminator replied cooly.

This big budget sequel to the original Terminator is full of action and romance and post apocalyptic mumbo jumbo that doesn’t quite make sense. Its all fun though and Arnold is Back as the Terminator who wants to actually save Sara Conner this time.

Here is the basic plot…In this sequel set eleven years after “The Terminator,” young John Connor (Edward Furlong), the key to civilization’s victory over a future robot uprising, is the target of the shape-shifting T-1000 (Robert Patrick), a Terminator sent from the future to kill him. Another Terminator, the revamped T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger), has been sent back to protect the boy. As John and his mother (Linda Hamilton) go on the run with the T-800, the boy forms an unexpected bond with the robot.

The film was directed by James Cameron who does great with robots, cyborgs and futuristic coolness. He was perfect for filming this. The score is composed by Brad Fiedel who composed the first score giving us the iconic Terminator theme, this one actually improves upon that original and adds flare and momentum to the score.

I enjoyed this movie tremendously and hope you do to.

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Main Theme


Trust Me


The Canal Chase


It’s Over, Goodbye


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